Stravinsky & Bruckner

Stravinsky/Bruckner MassesStravinsky & Bruckner
Saturday 17 November 2012 | 7.30pm
St Cuthbert’s Church | Lothian Road | Edinburgh

Stravinsky: Mass
Mozart: Wind Serenade
Bruckner: Mass in E minor

Edinburgh Royal Choral Union
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Wind Ensemble
Michael Bawtree, conductor

Edinburgh Royal Choral Union joins forces with musicians from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland to open the 2012-13 season with two pillars of the choral repertoire. Both masses exchange the traditional organ accompaniment for a wind ensemble, but the similarities between the two works end there. Stravinsky’s Mass was completed in 1948 at the end of his austere, neoclassicist phase, and he traces its conception back to his readings of Mozart’s own religious works: ‘My Mass was partly provoked by some Masses of Mozart that I found at a secondhand store in Los Angeles in 1942 or 1943. As I played through these rococo-operatic sweets-of-sin, I knew I had to write a Mass of my own, but a real one.’ Bruckner, too, revisits the past as the inspiration for his Mass in E minor, but his work combines the simplicity, restraint and poignancy of Italian Renaissance polyphony with the romantic, fully Brucknerian harmony. Together, the two masses present a unique picture of sacred choral writing.

£16/£13.50 concessions (£5 students)

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